Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Summerdream- Round 3- House 3

Welcome back to the Summerdream house.
In residence are Oberon, Titania and their boys;- twins Demetrius & Lysander, Snug, and Oberon's alien son Peasblossom. Titania is currently pregnant and expecting soon.

The twins bring a friend home from school, I think it's Jessica Monty (daughter of Bianca and Kent). There's Titania's toybench in the background, it was one of her wishes to buy one.

Titania of course wants to see 6 kids get married (so far 1, Puck) as her LTW. She also wants to have 10 kids, which I've locked in. I'm not sure if Puck and Bottom will count towards the 10 as they were adopted, but we'll see.

So Titania had another custom-skinned baby, so I quit without saving (having saved just before the birth) and upon re-entering the house she had a normal skintoned baby girl, Cobweb- yet another one of the faery names in Midsommer Night's Dream. :)  Titania and Oberon headed to the bedroom to work on another bambino.

Knowledge sim Oberon wants the skills for his job, and infact any skills he can get. He's currently working on Mechanical and just maxed Logic here. He's also maxed Cleaning. He's in the medical field and hoping to become a Chief of Staff.  The only things he wishes for are skills, woohoo and learning from the bookcase. He learnt Lifelong Happiness during one of those wish fulfillment moments.

It's party time! Cobweb is celebrating her toddler birthday. Titania wished for a party.

Heh, she looks better with hair.

This is a joint party, as the twins are becoming teenagers.
Demetrius is first- he rolled PLEASURE- Lifetime want to have 50 Dream dates.  His first wishes were to buy a cellphone/mp3/handheld and win the extraterrestrial scholarship and go to college. (A secret Knowledge sim). I gave him Knowledge as a secondary as he already had enough points to choose.
His twin Lysander rolled FAMILY- Lifetime want to become Mayor- weird.
His initial wishes were to go to college, have first kiss and get skills- cleaning and cooking.
You can see Titania is expecting again, lol.
Oberon maxed Mechanical on his operating table device- he just needs to get back to work to get a promotion.
Peasblossom became a child and yes! He has 4 fingers and 1 thumb! lol. Initial wishes were to fish, get an A+, tell inside joke and earn a skill point.
Snug too became a child and with Titania about to give birth, the house is at it's max.
Lysander brought Mallory Mace home from school, had his first kiss and fell for her.
Demetrius got whisked away one night,
He was too traumatised to talk about what happened, but he got his scholarship anyway!
Titania had another daughter called Moth. This time no custom skintone, yay.
The household is full though and as Lysander and Demetrius both still have the college wish, and their parents want them to gain scholarships and go to college, I'm having them work on skills.
Titania took a job way back in Oceanography- she has about 14 days vacation time and rarely goes but I missed cancelling her carpool- she did get a promotion.
and a pelting of hailstones.
As the week draws to a close little Moth is learning toddler skills from her mother while Snug is playing peek-a-boo with Cobweb.
Cobweb grew up shortly afterwards and Oberon rolled a wish to get her in private school. I guess he was holding out for a daughter- he never wished for any of his sons to get in!

As it's now Sunday, I had the teens call up college and get their scholarships. Then I headed to college and moved them in,

There's Demetrius and Lysander.
Mallory Mace joined the dorm too- there's Bottom & Ariel Capp. I had to move them to a new dorm as the game didn't like me trying to add the 3 to the existing dorm. Plus inbetween the last rounds I played one semester and as Bottom just finished Sophomore year I re-rolled for a new aspiration and she's Fortune now (I was hoping for Knowledge of course). She has lots of ex-lovers back at the old dorm- hopefully they won't all follow her here. :D

Oberon invited the Headmaster the very next day and the kids were all accepted (except little Moth who is still a toddler).

The week ends with Titania and Oberon trying for more babies now there's room in the house again!

Summary- Yeah, very difficult to do 5 wishes for so many sims, heh.

Oberon- he was easy as he just wanted woohoo and to skill, apart from learning Lifelong Happiness and getting Cobweb into private school.

Titania- Having a baby, having 10 kids, playing with a sim, calling a sim, having a party, buying toys, getting a skill and learning toymaking.

Lysander-  As teen -First kiss, playing piano, learning cooking/cleaning, buying a cellphone, college.

Demetrius- As teen- Getting scholarships, going to college, playing chess, piano and meeting someone new. Both twins as kids often wanted and had water balloon fights with the kids they brought home.  Demetrius didn't get started on his 50 dream dates yet.

Peasblossom and Snug- both wanted to fish daily, get skills, be swung/danced with and get A+'s. They currently both want to grow up well and will celebrate their teen birthdays next time.

Cobweb- usual toddler wants, first wish as a child was to jump rope, fish, make friend and get A+.

Moth- still a toddler. Usual wishes.

It's fair to say the week just flew by with all the babies/toddler/kids in the house!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Monty Ranch- Round 3- House 2

In residence are,

Romeo Monty- his initial wishes are to tell an inside joke to Bottom and Puck, then to flirt with his wife Juliette and his ex lover. Hmm, Flirting with wife, first wish fulfilled.

Romeo's brother Mercutio wished to gain his first charisma skill. Then to meet someone new, play with and entertain them. Charisma skill 1, first wish fulfilled.

Juliette wants to woohoo then have a baby, tell an inside joke and get a gold badge in Floristry. Woohoo! first wish fulfilled, baby wish locked.

Miranda Capp moved in here last time. She wants to invite someone over, talk to someone, fall in love and have a baby. What?! Romance sim Miranda is confused, ah yes, her secondary aspiration is Family.  Funnily enough, Family sim Juliette's secondary is Romance, tee hee. Anyway,

Miranda did some flirting over breakfast and her and Mercutio fell in love. First wish fulfilled, baby wish rolled away and was replaced by 'fall in love with 2 sims'.

Later that day a lightning storm struck the house and things were never quite the same...

Everyone had wishes to learn stuff. Miranda is working on body, Romeo his creativity and Mercutio is at the telescope. Both Brothers want logic, cooking and creativity skills (neither has a secondary aspiration) for their jobs. Miranda too went into the Culinary field as per her LifeTimeWant to reach the top.

Meanwhile Juliette got gold in Floristry and also got in the zone...

Mercutio had disappeared to the skies and came back to earth with a bump...

He and Juliette were enjoying a game of chess when his grandad Patrizio decided to come out and haunt.

A couple of days later Juliette was sporting a large baby bump...

and not to be outdone, Mercutio too!


Romeo & Mercutio's Uncle Antonio came home from every shift so Miranda snuck him into a room (while Mercutio was outside in his garden) and fell in love. She spun up the wish to woohoo him...

and they snuck into Mercutio's room (double bed) but I'd locked for Miranda to have a bff and that came up before they could have some fun. Woohoo had rolled away and was replaced by 'flirt', so she abandoned the bedroom antics and said farewell to Antonio. (After flirting she rolled a wish to be in love with 3 sims).

The Count became love number 3 the next night and inbetween having loves Miranda wants to talk to sims and meet new people. She's making some good friends.
Romeo wanted to serve food and what better than to serve up the family recipe?
Juliette had a shock....
I think she'd just read the chapter, "Giving birth- a step by step guide"...
 I'd sent Mercutio to work and a chance card got him demoted. I sent him to tend his garden, he'd just got a silver badge...

what the?

heh, my first pregnant plantsim.
Mercutio was automatically given Gold in gardening which helped him chat his plants up to a better grade before putting them in the juicer.

Mercutio maxed his cooking while Romeo got in the zone in arts and crafts (his one true hobby).

Miranda wished to learn about Anger Management- me thinks it'll be other sims that need to not be furious with her in the future, but we'll see...

Baby time and Juliette had twins! (Natural). A son Paris with custom skintone and a daughter Claudia with normal,

Paris has blonde hair and the Capp grey eyes.  His sister Claudia is dark haired
and skinned (like her dad) but also has the Capp grey eyes. Her uncle Mercutio is holding her here, but about an hour before that...

He had his own son who he named Merc Jnr. Merc has large black eyes, thin lips but a cute button nose... and this brings the household to the early hours of Monday morning!

lol, yeah, you couldn't make it up could you? I had Isabella move out last time to give the newlyweds lots of room to breed and now the house is already up to 7! I might have to move Mercutio & Merc Jnr out. Maybe Antonio when I come to play his house might have other ideas for Miranda, we'll have to wait and see.
It took a few days and attempts for Juliette to get pregnant, so inbetween time they were all skilling and wish fulfilling.
Juliette- woohooing, dating, blogging, getting in the zone, playing chess, skilling, serving food, making omelettes, classic dancing. She wished to call Bottom once or twice to chat. She learned Lifetime Happiness and Parenting this week as well as getting Gold in Floristry.
Romeo- cooking, logic and creativity skills, serving food, selling a masterpiece, getting in the zone, buying a pottery wheel, flirting, talking about hobby, blogging, dating and calling Bottom to chat.
Mercutio- cooking, logic and creativity skills, gardening badges, maxing nature hobby, inviting someone over, winning a cooking competition, planting seed and meeting someone new.  The abduction was not planned but happily welcomed (I love my aliens). Mercutio was seen sobbing several times about the experience. Funnily enough in my Megahood Mercutio also became a plantsim. In that rendition he was married to Lilith Pleasant.
Miranda- After the initial flirt/fall in love with Mercutio neither of them showed any desire for each other so I chose to have her fall for other sims as she wished it. She's working her way up the Culinary path. Her wishes were to skill, have 2/3 loves/make outs, be bf's with Antonio, get a good reputation (repeatedly), meet someone new, call Bottom to chat- every day.
Twins are still babies as is Merc Jnr as they were all born late on Sunday. I haven't figured why the custom skintone is showing up when it's not on a relative but hey, it all adds to the interest of the game.
I know that Juliette's mother was blonde (it shows when her ghost scares everyone at Capp Manor). I was telling Librarian the other day that in one rendition of having Romeo & Juliette marry they had 3 kids, one with red hair, one with black and one with blonde so all their genetics carry well!