Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Summerdream- Round 3- House 3

Welcome back to the Summerdream house.
In residence are Oberon, Titania and their boys;- twins Demetrius & Lysander, Snug, and Oberon's alien son Peasblossom. Titania is currently pregnant and expecting soon.

The twins bring a friend home from school, I think it's Jessica Monty (daughter of Bianca and Kent). There's Titania's toybench in the background, it was one of her wishes to buy one.

Titania of course wants to see 6 kids get married (so far 1, Puck) as her LTW. She also wants to have 10 kids, which I've locked in. I'm not sure if Puck and Bottom will count towards the 10 as they were adopted, but we'll see.

So Titania had another custom-skinned baby, so I quit without saving (having saved just before the birth) and upon re-entering the house she had a normal skintoned baby girl, Cobweb- yet another one of the faery names in Midsommer Night's Dream. :)  Titania and Oberon headed to the bedroom to work on another bambino.

Knowledge sim Oberon wants the skills for his job, and infact any skills he can get. He's currently working on Mechanical and just maxed Logic here. He's also maxed Cleaning. He's in the medical field and hoping to become a Chief of Staff.  The only things he wishes for are skills, woohoo and learning from the bookcase. He learnt Lifelong Happiness during one of those wish fulfillment moments.

It's party time! Cobweb is celebrating her toddler birthday. Titania wished for a party.

Heh, she looks better with hair.

This is a joint party, as the twins are becoming teenagers.
Demetrius is first- he rolled PLEASURE- Lifetime want to have 50 Dream dates.  His first wishes were to buy a cellphone/mp3/handheld and win the extraterrestrial scholarship and go to college. (A secret Knowledge sim). I gave him Knowledge as a secondary as he already had enough points to choose.
His twin Lysander rolled FAMILY- Lifetime want to become Mayor- weird.
His initial wishes were to go to college, have first kiss and get skills- cleaning and cooking.
You can see Titania is expecting again, lol.
Oberon maxed Mechanical on his operating table device- he just needs to get back to work to get a promotion.
Peasblossom became a child and yes! He has 4 fingers and 1 thumb! lol. Initial wishes were to fish, get an A+, tell inside joke and earn a skill point.
Snug too became a child and with Titania about to give birth, the house is at it's max.
Lysander brought Mallory Mace home from school, had his first kiss and fell for her.
Demetrius got whisked away one night,
He was too traumatised to talk about what happened, but he got his scholarship anyway!
Titania had another daughter called Moth. This time no custom skintone, yay.
The household is full though and as Lysander and Demetrius both still have the college wish, and their parents want them to gain scholarships and go to college, I'm having them work on skills.
Titania took a job way back in Oceanography- she has about 14 days vacation time and rarely goes but I missed cancelling her carpool- she did get a promotion.
and a pelting of hailstones.
As the week draws to a close little Moth is learning toddler skills from her mother while Snug is playing peek-a-boo with Cobweb.
Cobweb grew up shortly afterwards and Oberon rolled a wish to get her in private school. I guess he was holding out for a daughter- he never wished for any of his sons to get in!

As it's now Sunday, I had the teens call up college and get their scholarships. Then I headed to college and moved them in,

There's Demetrius and Lysander.
Mallory Mace joined the dorm too- there's Bottom & Ariel Capp. I had to move them to a new dorm as the game didn't like me trying to add the 3 to the existing dorm. Plus inbetween the last rounds I played one semester and as Bottom just finished Sophomore year I re-rolled for a new aspiration and she's Fortune now (I was hoping for Knowledge of course). She has lots of ex-lovers back at the old dorm- hopefully they won't all follow her here. :D

Oberon invited the Headmaster the very next day and the kids were all accepted (except little Moth who is still a toddler).

The week ends with Titania and Oberon trying for more babies now there's room in the house again!

Summary- Yeah, very difficult to do 5 wishes for so many sims, heh.

Oberon- he was easy as he just wanted woohoo and to skill, apart from learning Lifelong Happiness and getting Cobweb into private school.

Titania- Having a baby, having 10 kids, playing with a sim, calling a sim, having a party, buying toys, getting a skill and learning toymaking.

Lysander-  As teen -First kiss, playing piano, learning cooking/cleaning, buying a cellphone, college.

Demetrius- As teen- Getting scholarships, going to college, playing chess, piano and meeting someone new. Both twins as kids often wanted and had water balloon fights with the kids they brought home.  Demetrius didn't get started on his 50 dream dates yet.

Peasblossom and Snug- both wanted to fish daily, get skills, be swung/danced with and get A+'s. They currently both want to grow up well and will celebrate their teen birthdays next time.

Cobweb- usual toddler wants, first wish as a child was to jump rope, fish, make friend and get A+.

Moth- still a toddler. Usual wishes.

It's fair to say the week just flew by with all the babies/toddler/kids in the house!


  1. Your Summerdreams are so different than mine! :) I do have a house that is 'marry off six' (Isabella Monty) but she was easy being that two are already married off at the start of the lot). Wow you have alot in University (ASimWen has nightmares of running 40+ through at a time in Prosperity Falls). Yay for Alien abduction, the Summerdreams have a 'hot scope' there! Haha @ having 14 days of vacay saved up for Titania! lol So she snuck off to work while you were fulfilling other wishes!

  2. Wow, that is a BUSY house. Very fun though. The kids are all very interesting, and you seem to have a lot that wish to go to Uni. Reading these blogs makes me want to play again so bad. Must fix laptop soon. (Although I can play, just in limited amounts)

    1. Yes I'm looking forward to your updates when you're up and running again! :)