Monday, 27 August 2012

Uni Round- A letter from Bottom

Dear friend,

So I arrived in Uni, and there are just like totally hot guys here!

This guy is in the room next to me and I liked him a lot.

We had this most amazing date and I know my Mom had warned me about going crazy but I just got caught up in the moment, y'know?

There are communal showers where guys totally check you out! I'm not shy though- I already have tons of friends, infact they gave me this sweater jacket with a number on it, said I'm a Big Sim on Campus now. Sweet!

OMG! Am totally gonna bust a gut, my professor is so hawwwwwwt!

Yeah, that'll help my grades I think!

This new guy joined the dorm and he was totally like ignoring me, and I was like, yeah whatever but I know he really likes me and so I gave him a special massage and we made out.

So after another amazing date I totally forgot that dude who roomed next to me could probably hear me yeah? 'cos I totally wasn't being quiet and I don't think the walls are that thick 'cos I hear his dumb music day and night.

then he came and slapped me, I reckon I could have him thrown off Campus for that.

But then I decided to give him another chance and gave him my special 'smooth talk' rose that you sent me.

But a Senior told me I shouldn't have done that while the guy I'd just hooked up with was in the room. 

The mascot guy taught me a new dance, it's something to do with a gerbit, whatever that is.

Of course the rooming halls are so open there's just totally like, no privacy.

I did settle down and do some work though, well- if studying anatomy is work yeah?

My Freshman year is over- I totally got top marks and even the Dean likes me though I haven't met him, but I know he'd like me, although I bet he's a totally old guy who smokes a pipe and smells or something.

Anyway, I have a new dormie! Her name is Ariel and I don't know her real well yet but I know we'll soon be friends. I bet she has some hot guy friends yeah?

I'll tell you all about that next time, but please send some more roses, you know the address yeah?

Antonio Monty- Round 2- House 7

In residence,

Antonio (Know)- LTW- Max skills
Benedick (Fam)- LTW- Reach Golden Anniversary
Beatrice (Fam)- LTW- Graduate 3 kids from college

Initial wishes to buy new clothes, mp3/phone/game, sneak out, college, tell inside jokes. (teens). Antonio- to skill, talk to someone and meet someone new.

Benedick met several people but was very taken with walkby pizza delivery girl Jane Jalowitz.

Antonio and Beatrice were happy with their new clothes and found some friends to chat with.

The kids got haircuts and they all discussed why home cooked food is so much better than takeaways. ;)

As it's Autumn the family decide it's thinking caps on and skill away.

Nature loving Benedick starts a garden while his Science loving dad looks to the skies.

Although Beatrice had an intial wish to go steady with Hal (after their date at his place) she only had 1 bolt with him, and so after bringing home several friends from school she found she was very much more attracted to Keith here.

Antonio reached the top of his career after meeting someone new at the community lot who happened to know his boss so said they'd put in a good word for him.

He was so excited he bust a move in front of one of his colleagues!

It seems that sneaking out with Mallory Mace is more of a race than a sneak!

and often ends in the same result. She's trouble that girl!

The week ends with Antonio maxing his skills and getting his lifetime want!


I moved the Monty's this round and so far so good!

Antonio- wanted to reach TOC, skill, skill and skill some more. Also had wishes to buy an ant farm, a pc and learn physiology.

Benedick- wanted to sneak out with Mallory, tell inside joke, make friend, get skill and (daily) to talk to Bottom. Each time he talked to her he afterwards rolled a college wish, but never woke up with it.

Beatrice- meet someone new, entertain, skill, talk to Bottom (daily), invite a sim  over, learn Fire Safety.

Not a lot of pictures but a productive week here with skilling and forming friendships for the future! I think the twins have found their mates, but we'll find out next time. :)

Regan Capp- Round 2- House 6

In residence-

Regan Capp- (Fortune)- LTW- Hall of Famer
Cornwall Capp- (Know)- LTW- Become City Planner

The smiling-at-home-only Cornwall comes into some money after his father-in-law Consort died.

Regan earns a nice wad of her own and in doing so brings herself one step closer to the top of her profession. Bringing someone new home from work and befriending them helps too.

It must be date night, Cornwall and Regan are still trying to have a baby!

Cornwall enjoys birdwatching and can often be found with his binoculars in the garden.

Regan wanted to purchase a community lot and so she bought the little 3-2-1 cafe, but renamed it The Penny Dropped and turned it into an amusement arcade.

Cornwall said they couldn't possibly open for business until he'd washed all the windows!

They had an excellent session and had got to level 3 in their business quite quickly before heading home.

They thought the 'feeling good' factor might help.

It didn't. :(
But Regan got to be a Business Tycoon so the day wasn't wasted.
Her LTW is to be a Hall of Famer but she still hasn't found that in the paper/on the pc after nearly 2 weeks!

Cornwall is working his way up the Architectural career path.

There was a bit of drama at the business when a customer set the hotdogs on fire but thankfully Regan had installed a fire alarm and the fire department arrived very promptly to deal with the problem. A few stars were lost but no lives were.

The yuppie couple tried every which way they could to become pregnant!

But still nothing happened.
Regan enjoyed showing off about her new Gold Sales technique.
By Sunday evening the business was rank 7.

Regan and Cornwall had earned/made enough money to sell their old house at Poet Place and move here, to 80 Bard Boulevard, a lovely family home.

All they need now is the Family to go in it!


Regan- got TOC, gold Sales. Still no ltw job (Athletic) and still no baby- (every night they woohooed).
Wishes for her business, then to rank up, for customers to get stars, to get skills and talk about her hobby (Arts and Crafts).

Cornwall- Gold Sales.
Wishes to earn skills, be bff's, get promotions, birdwatch, go hiking.

I'm hoping that moving them might help with the whole baby thing, or maybe it's just not meant to be for them. :)

Goneril Capp- Round 2- House 5

In residence;

Goneril- (Fortune)- LTW- become Business Tycoon
Albany- (Family)- LTW- reach Golden Anniversary
Miranda- (Romance)- LTW- become Celebrity Chef
Hal- (Pleasure)- LTW- become Professional Party Guest
Desdemona (Pleasure)- LTW- become Game Designer
Ariel- child
Gregory- baby

Yikes! and this family does have a tv! It seems Albany is getting his way, wayyyyy too often!

Albany is enjoying his career in Oceanography. I think he likes the cool uniform.

While the homework litters the floor the teens talk, take care of the baby and generally ignore the nanny. Why is she here? I should fire her.

Hal is delighted to have another boy in the family and helped him learn to talk.
Gregory is my own little 'Chuckie', eh?

Being a Pleasure sim Hal has wishes for, well pleasurable things- like buying and playing guitar.

Miranda had a date with Benedick Monty. He's getting around the hood eh?

Dessie (as we call her) too is fond of her little bro'.

With 4 days until she becomes a teen, Ariel got a lifetime platinum mood after fulfilling yet another wish.

Hal used his folks' funds to buy himself a blind date and who should turn up but Beatrice Monty! He showed her a good time.

This house too had a refurb, it was getting rather crowded.

Goneril had another baby boy- called Juno. That's 3 girls and 3 boys now- enough!

Hal wanted to throw a party, and with 3 birthdays to celebrate it seemed a good idea. If only Albany could finish that skill in time to watch!

Happy Birthday to Ariel!  Another Pleasure loving sim!

Happy Birthday to Gregory!

and finally Happy Birthday to little Juno!

Ariel wasted no time in befriending and having her first kiss with her good friend Serdar.

Goneril took a break from skilling to catch up on her gossip with sister Regan. 
Goneril is into making toys and sewing at the moment and is in the zone in Arts & Crafts.

She also hit the big time when she earned 100K at her job as a Business Tycoon.

Albany celebrated his birthday.

and hit the top of his career too! He's now the Hand of Poseidon.

Of course life isn't perfect as Hal found out when he got busted for sneaking out.

Just after Gregory's birthday Goneril had a wish to have him in private school, and so the Headmaster visited and all the kids got in. (Except Juno, of course).

Miranda grew up and got a new look. I moved her out to the Monty ranch- perhaps her and Mercutio will rekindle the old flame?

On the last day of the week just before Juno's birthday he became the last member of the family to reach his Lifetime Aspiration! Yes, all this family have achieved this, this week! (Even Miranda before she left- lol).

Ariel had a college wish for a long time, and had at least 8 in all skills and the dancing, school and work related scholarships so she joined Bottom at the dorm in Uni.

As Juno grows up the baby and toddlerhood stage of this Capp family is finally over! (I hope). :D


Goneril- Got bronze in toymaking and sewing. Hit the Zone in Arts & Crafts. got TOC and her LTW, also LTAA (Lifetime Aspiration Achieved).
Wishes to earn cash (did this buy selling toys, using the genie), get skills for promotions, to sew a project and to get bronze badges.

Albany-  LTAA, hit TOC.
Wishes to plant seeds, buy orchard tree, birdwatch, train toddlers.

Miranda- have date, meet someone new, get skill, have 3 loves. LTAA.

Hal- have date- have party, entertain, play guitar. LTAA.

Desdemona- skill, talk hobby, meet someone new, juggle. LTAA.

Ariel- Gold gardening, learnt physiology. Wishes to skill, be swung, plant seed, learn physiology, kiss. LTAA.

Gregory- skilling and playing games. LTAA.
Juno- just became a kid- wanted to skill, a lot. LTAA.

I should point out that this week Wednesday and Thursday were Snow days! The kids got lots of skilling done.

I don't think I've ever had an entire family fill their Lifetime Aspiration metres so closely together before!   It's rare but not unusual for toddlers to achieve this, I've had one other before and I think it's because Juno wanted to skill so much, plus 'cos of the snow days someone was always at home to shower him with the plays/snuggles and talk to's that he wanted!