Monday, 27 August 2012

Uni Round- A letter from Bottom

Dear friend,

So I arrived in Uni, and there are just like totally hot guys here!

This guy is in the room next to me and I liked him a lot.

We had this most amazing date and I know my Mom had warned me about going crazy but I just got caught up in the moment, y'know?

There are communal showers where guys totally check you out! I'm not shy though- I already have tons of friends, infact they gave me this sweater jacket with a number on it, said I'm a Big Sim on Campus now. Sweet!

OMG! Am totally gonna bust a gut, my professor is so hawwwwwwt!

Yeah, that'll help my grades I think!

This new guy joined the dorm and he was totally like ignoring me, and I was like, yeah whatever but I know he really likes me and so I gave him a special massage and we made out.

So after another amazing date I totally forgot that dude who roomed next to me could probably hear me yeah? 'cos I totally wasn't being quiet and I don't think the walls are that thick 'cos I hear his dumb music day and night.

then he came and slapped me, I reckon I could have him thrown off Campus for that.

But then I decided to give him another chance and gave him my special 'smooth talk' rose that you sent me.

But a Senior told me I shouldn't have done that while the guy I'd just hooked up with was in the room. 

The mascot guy taught me a new dance, it's something to do with a gerbit, whatever that is.

Of course the rooming halls are so open there's just totally like, no privacy.

I did settle down and do some work though, well- if studying anatomy is work yeah?

My Freshman year is over- I totally got top marks and even the Dean likes me though I haven't met him, but I know he'd like me, although I bet he's a totally old guy who smokes a pipe and smells or something.

Anyway, I have a new dormie! Her name is Ariel and I don't know her real well yet but I know we'll soon be friends. I bet she has some hot guy friends yeah?

I'll tell you all about that next time, but please send some more roses, you know the address yeah?


  1. Bottom really likes the guys, huh? LOL so Ariel joined her in Uni. They will have alot of fun!

  2. LOL...oh boy, Ariel and Bottom together in the dorm. That should be be quite a mix next time. Bottom hasn't gotten good at the discrete love yet.

  3. I love this girl. She's so unabashedly herself. So much fun!