Sunday, 12 August 2012

Monty Ranch- Round 2- House 2

Here we are back at the Monty Ranch. Isabella's LTW to raise 20 kitties/puppies. I chose kitties. This is her first litter.

Initial wishes to command, play and give love to the cats as well as to meet someone new.

I don't know if things just break down more often on this lot but this guy is always here so Isabella takes the opportunity to befriend him. He's called Seth.

Meanwhile Mercutio is throwing himself a birthday party!

Well bursting out laughing is better than gagging I suppose.

There's Hermia and Puck glued at the mouth again.

The kitties grew up and went on their way. I was a bit disappointed with their markings being so similar. Hey ho.

Romeo always comes home from school in a really bad mood- good job he and his big bro' are fun loving.

Both brothers have LTW's to be Celebrity Chef's. That means logic of course, and if anything else happens so be it.
It hasn't... yet.

Isabella has enough points for elixir and takes her first swig. 3 days added, thank you very much.

A single kitty is born who has her dad Star's coat colouring- she's called Melba.

It's birthday time for Romeo!

I'm not changing his appearance, I like his Roman look and his hat is in the female section, so if you ditch it you never get it back!

The kitties go off for a party of their own!

Romeo's having a sick day.
*cough, splutter, snigger*.

He needs to sow his oats.

Romeo has a way with women eh?

I liked her, I did, but Romeo without Juliette is like fish without chips, or pancakes without syrup, or, or... ok.. you get the point. Plus Juliette is so much cuter than whatsername who was just leaving Romeo his date bouquet.

So Romeo wined and dined his fair Juliette.

and um, yeah... quite an afternoon he's having!

Acting on a total whim (and because she kinda wished it) he invited her to move in, then (because he had no fear at the time) she proposed engagement to him.

Of course he fears getting married now.
Baby steps...

Isabella is now best friends with Seth. She hasn't thrown up romantic wishes- so I had her drink her Renuyu potion to change up her likes/dislikes.

Three new kitties are born, 2 girls- Daffodil and Buttercup and a boy, Midas.

Mercutio and Romeo bring their uncle Antonio home every shift. Mercutio brought a demotion home with him too. (stupid chance card).

Star doesn't like Mercutio much, I was elsewhere when I spotted Mercutio being chased and hissed at... heh.

Little Melba grew up, and yay, much better markings!  She's off to the pound though.

While Isabella is off to pastures new.
I know this is her home, but Juliette can't get pregnant with all these pets in the house and her LTW is to marry off 6 kids so she needs to get cracking! Besides Isabella will have more fun in her new home- you can see it just over the road there.

One of her first wishes was to 'kiss', and so she invited Seth over- thanks to her changing her likes/dislikes she now has 2 bolts with him! I stayed long enough to move him in (he bought a handy 12K with him) and we'll join them next round.

At the Monty ranch on Sunday night- yes! It has happened! There was one small instant where Romeo didn't fear getting hitched and so they went for it!

Just don't look up. heh.
The only witnesses were Mercutio and Uncle Antonio.. but luckily Juliette's  wish for a wedding party rolled away beforehand anyway.


Isabella- her wishes revolved a lot around her cats, praising, training and commanding as well as hugging and playing.
I thought it'd be nicer for her to have her own place with the cats and easier for me, heh.
 Now she's got Seth that will help with company and bills- I had to gift her some cash to get her new place but she earns it back in retirement cheques so I don't consider it a freebie.

Mercutio- Funny sim, he wants to meet someone new, get a skill, get a promotion, play game, make friends/best friends etc. His one true hobby is gardening and as they are a family of Chef's I had him start a garden as soon as Spring rolled around. Everytime I leave him to his own devices he's playing a game at the pc or tv. Has never rolled any kind of romantic wishes.

Romeo- He wished for 2 dates so far, the two he had. I know I'm tying him down but who knows what will happen in the future?! He likes to flirt and get the occasional skill as well as meeting someone new and making friends with them. The flirting is limited to Juliette.. for now!

Juliette- Currently has a wish to get Gold floristry- she's silver. Also has a want for a baby (working on it) and to learn more cooking and cleaning skills.


  1. Now that is something I did not see coming! Isabella moving out! heh yah, grab that moment in time when Romeo showed no fear of getting married. tee hee! Mercutio...oh love for you? Did all those kitties go with Isabella?

    1. Oh yes Wen, Isabella took the all the kitties with her. :)

  2. Hmmm...well Romero and Juliet just fit together, so we'll see how that goes. :) Juliet is very pretty with her make-over. I think it's funny they all seem to hate the make overs so much, I've never seen so many hate them. :)