Monday, 27 August 2012

Goneril Capp- Round 2- House 5

In residence;

Goneril- (Fortune)- LTW- become Business Tycoon
Albany- (Family)- LTW- reach Golden Anniversary
Miranda- (Romance)- LTW- become Celebrity Chef
Hal- (Pleasure)- LTW- become Professional Party Guest
Desdemona (Pleasure)- LTW- become Game Designer
Ariel- child
Gregory- baby

Yikes! and this family does have a tv! It seems Albany is getting his way, wayyyyy too often!

Albany is enjoying his career in Oceanography. I think he likes the cool uniform.

While the homework litters the floor the teens talk, take care of the baby and generally ignore the nanny. Why is she here? I should fire her.

Hal is delighted to have another boy in the family and helped him learn to talk.
Gregory is my own little 'Chuckie', eh?

Being a Pleasure sim Hal has wishes for, well pleasurable things- like buying and playing guitar.

Miranda had a date with Benedick Monty. He's getting around the hood eh?

Dessie (as we call her) too is fond of her little bro'.

With 4 days until she becomes a teen, Ariel got a lifetime platinum mood after fulfilling yet another wish.

Hal used his folks' funds to buy himself a blind date and who should turn up but Beatrice Monty! He showed her a good time.

This house too had a refurb, it was getting rather crowded.

Goneril had another baby boy- called Juno. That's 3 girls and 3 boys now- enough!

Hal wanted to throw a party, and with 3 birthdays to celebrate it seemed a good idea. If only Albany could finish that skill in time to watch!

Happy Birthday to Ariel!  Another Pleasure loving sim!

Happy Birthday to Gregory!

and finally Happy Birthday to little Juno!

Ariel wasted no time in befriending and having her first kiss with her good friend Serdar.

Goneril took a break from skilling to catch up on her gossip with sister Regan. 
Goneril is into making toys and sewing at the moment and is in the zone in Arts & Crafts.

She also hit the big time when she earned 100K at her job as a Business Tycoon.

Albany celebrated his birthday.

and hit the top of his career too! He's now the Hand of Poseidon.

Of course life isn't perfect as Hal found out when he got busted for sneaking out.

Just after Gregory's birthday Goneril had a wish to have him in private school, and so the Headmaster visited and all the kids got in. (Except Juno, of course).

Miranda grew up and got a new look. I moved her out to the Monty ranch- perhaps her and Mercutio will rekindle the old flame?

On the last day of the week just before Juno's birthday he became the last member of the family to reach his Lifetime Aspiration! Yes, all this family have achieved this, this week! (Even Miranda before she left- lol).

Ariel had a college wish for a long time, and had at least 8 in all skills and the dancing, school and work related scholarships so she joined Bottom at the dorm in Uni.

As Juno grows up the baby and toddlerhood stage of this Capp family is finally over! (I hope). :D


Goneril- Got bronze in toymaking and sewing. Hit the Zone in Arts & Crafts. got TOC and her LTW, also LTAA (Lifetime Aspiration Achieved).
Wishes to earn cash (did this buy selling toys, using the genie), get skills for promotions, to sew a project and to get bronze badges.

Albany-  LTAA, hit TOC.
Wishes to plant seeds, buy orchard tree, birdwatch, train toddlers.

Miranda- have date, meet someone new, get skill, have 3 loves. LTAA.

Hal- have date- have party, entertain, play guitar. LTAA.

Desdemona- skill, talk hobby, meet someone new, juggle. LTAA.

Ariel- Gold gardening, learnt physiology. Wishes to skill, be swung, plant seed, learn physiology, kiss. LTAA.

Gregory- skilling and playing games. LTAA.
Juno- just became a kid- wanted to skill, a lot. LTAA.

I should point out that this week Wednesday and Thursday were Snow days! The kids got lots of skilling done.

I don't think I've ever had an entire family fill their Lifetime Aspiration metres so closely together before!   It's rare but not unusual for toddlers to achieve this, I've had one other before and I think it's because Juno wanted to skill so much, plus 'cos of the snow days someone was always at home to shower him with the plays/snuggles and talk to's that he wanted!


  1. I am impressed! I have always found this family so hard to play. Even getting a toddler to lifetime aspiration! WOW!!!!

  2. Wow....all those LTAA's. I've never seen a toddler get that before, very cool. This family is REALLY successful, great job!

  3. I thought it was wild that a child got LT Plat, but then a toddler? That is truly stunning. GREAT job making wishes come true. And in a house of SEVEN sims. I bow to your skills. I'm not even ready to make that a goal at ALL yet.