Monday, 27 August 2012

Summerdream- Round 2- House 3

In residence;-

Oberon (Knowledge)- LTW- Chief of Staff
Titania (Family)- LTW - Marry off 6 kids
Puck (Popularity)- LTW- Become The Law
Bottom (Romance)- LTW- Become a Rock God
Lysander- Toddler
Demetrius- Toddler

Not a flowery angel waking her this time, but some inheritance from her good friend Consort Capp.

The Summerdream family really do bring magic into the 'hood with their infectious friendships! Best friends with each other and lots of friends besides. They'll never be alone that's for sure.

Oberon took to the telescope to get a skill for his next promotion and within minutes of stargazing was whipped up by an alien craft!

During the time he was gone Titania showed a pregnancy of her own (this family really needs a tv!) and Puck and Bottom were there to welcome him home with her.

Nesting.... :)

Bottom enjoyed a date at the diner with Benedick Monty.

First Kiss.

Seriously good date gift!

The twins had just celebrated becoming kids when Titania went into labour and had another son who is called Snug.

Titania had wishes to help the twins with their homework.

Puck grew up well- he had no college wishes and so his life is moving on!

He was there when his dad went into labour...

Yeah, reckon I'd be shocked too!

This little green man (heh) is called Peasblossom- in keeping with the Midsummer Night's Dream theme here.

After 2 shifts back at work and 2 bad chance cards Titania gets demoted.
She doesn't look too bothered.

Puck takes a long look at the happy home he grew up in before moving out. He's off to Capp Manor where he'll await Hermia's next and imminent birthday so they can start their life together.

Bottom helps Snug grow up. I forgot to check if he had elf ears!

Peasblossom does!

He got a cute facemask.

Bottom had a wish for 2 loves and so Hal Capp became her 2nd.

She'd been busy skilling and forgot about paying the bills. Whew! Just remembered in time!

Bottom leaves to go to college. She kept rolling it and who am I to interfere?

Besides, it looks like this house will never be empty!

(note to self, buy a tv), ;)

Summary- A very busy week!

Oberon- Had wishes to skill, see wolf, buy green energy source, teach toddler skills. The abduction was the quickest one I've ever seen- he was not using his 'summon aliens' interaction that is blessed to knowledge sims (I don't use it- I figure if it happens, it happens). I forget which level he's at in his career, he got a few promo's though. ;)

Titania- Wishes to flirt, kiss, hug, woohoo (you don't say?!), play peek-a-boo with toddlers and helping with homework. She only went to work twice, chose wrong on chance cards which resulted in the poor performance and demotion.

Puck- meeting someone new, making friends, best friends, buying cell phone, playing bass.
He helped a lot with the kids as well as holding down his own job, getting some skills and hobby wishes.
He's now at Capp Manor ready for the next round.

Bottom- Have date, kiss, be best friends with sim, meet someone new, go to college.
She helped lots too with the kids as well as using her cool date reward to get skills for a scholarship.
Even after dates her college wish came back and so it was.

Lysander- get skills, do homework, get A+, play piano.
Demetrius- get skills, play piano, be swung, get A+.
Snug- usual toddler wishes
Peasblossom- usual toddler wishes. 


  1. Wow that is one full house! I am lovin' it. Hard to keep up with five wishes for everybody! Yay for the natural abdcution! Oberon didn't look excited when he came back from his trip to outer space. But then again, he never looks excited about anything. hehe!

  2. This is a full house of kids for sure. Titania should have no problem with her LTW at this rate. lol Snug is a cute little toddler, and Peasblossom didn't get alien eyes, that's cool. Not much of a nose though, but still cute.