Sunday, 12 August 2012

Capp Manor- Round 2- House 1

Welcome back to Capp Manor, last time we only had about 3 days in the house so a full week should be more fruitful, or maybe it'll be fishy, who knows?

Consort stops his skilling to shout rude things at Mercutio, who has just stolen his newspaper. Only two things to say to Consort- 'Pot and Kettle'.

Hermia brought Mallory Mace home from school and soon got her wish of a new friend.

Juliette was in charge of dinner that night... and so they had pizza.

Tybalt thew a party- it's amazing that anyone came as he's always fighting with sims!
I think a ghost is out scaring poor Miranda.

Hermia never misses an opportunity to lock lips with her pretty boy Puck. In the background is Titania Summerdream throwing up!

Looks like it's Tybalt's mum that's out to scare. She can't stand him either by the way she's pumping her fists.

Consort doesn't seem the type to do the right thing, but I made him. The 35K will help nicely towards his LTW of earning 100K.

He got a nice boost too when he got to the top of his career.

Meanwhile it's party time for Tybalt the birthday boy.

He had a little cry about not going to college, but soon got over it. Honestly I usually kill him (or the ghosts do when I play this house) but he's growing on me a bit now I have to meet his demands.

Consort is enjoying his garden, and he decides on a plan....

He takes his grandchildren off on a trip.

Of course he's such a cheapskate he makes them camp for free, but hey, the weather is mild and they aren't freezing to death. 

Then they fish.

For hours and hours and hours.

A lucky chance card from a trip gave them all a skill point. Consort took them to shop too so they could buy gifts, as well as do more fishing of course!

By the end of their trip the girls had a Bronze fishing badge and the boys Silver. They continued stockpiling fish at the Nature hobby lot. Tybalt got in the zone here.

Tybalt had a wish some time ago to open a business, and so The Cappfish Market was opened in Veronaville!

A few busy trading hours saw them move up the first rank.

The reporter had shown up and didn't leave until he was well and truly impressed.

So impressed that he handed them an award- for fish- haha.

Later that day Consort hit the zone.

On Monday he got another lucky chance card and completed his Lifetime want.

Just in time- Grimmy and the Hula's came for him not long after that!

Considering he was such a grumpy old guy he did pretty well dishing out the inheritance!

Juliette grew up that day too. She hates her makeover- what's new?!

Hermia took charge of her Grandad's greenhouse.

and Tybalt works on skills and his second hobby but 'one true hobby' which is music and dance.


Consort- I thought about letting him own the business but by the time I got around to it the week was almost out, so that's why I played into Monday, because I knew he'd be close to his 100K, even without the extra chance card.

On holiday he had wants to fish, go on tours, buy clothes and get bronze and silver fishing.

He died at 65 days old. He also had silver in gardening and a bronze in Sales as well as getting in the zone for nature.

Tybalt- had initial wishes to buy business, get a job in Politics, buy guitar, have party.
He spent the week having parties, working on skills for promo's (He found Politics straight away), then nature related hobbies.  He has silver in fishing and a bronze in register.

Hermia- initial wishes to serve grandma's soup, make a friend, be bf's with Desdemona, also to learn cooking and cleaning.
She is a fairly easy to keep happy sim- she loves Puck and leaps on him whenever she sees him. She has a silver fishing and sales badge.

Juliette- initial wishes to get a Bronze in floristry, make friend, get skill, go out with Romeo.
She has a bronze fishing and silver sales badge.

I usually always make my Sims camp when on vacation- why pay out when they don't need to?

I only took them to the business on Sunday, they got to rank 2 in an evening session and got the best of best award- very happy with that!


  1. Woo woo great job with Consorts wishes! haha ya Tybalt fights with everybody. It is a wonder if anyone comes to his parties. Perhaps his sisters are the attraction there? :) Ol' Consort left everybody a good amount of money when he croaked. :)

  2. Bye Bye Consort, he seemed to be pretty well with the time he had left. Tybalt is quite a character, but I like the fish market. :) The girls seem to be doing pretty well.