Monday, 18 June 2012

Antonio Monty- Round1- House 7

Antonio Monty is a Knowledge sim with a Lifetime want to Max his skills, yay.
His intial wishes are to see a ghost, be saved from death, earn a skill and go swimming.

His twins, Beatrice and Benedick show wishes for a pet, in Beatrice's case, any kind. Also Benedick wants to resurrect his dead Grandpa, awww.

Anyway, as they are broke I send them to school and hope the pet wishes roll away. Antonio heads to work too.

                                            ooh, Sporks or Blend?

Sporks rule the day and Antonio never earned this much money in one day before- ever!

Oops sorry Antonio- didn't see you on the loo there. heh.
The kids' pet wishes rolled away and inheritance from Patrizio kicked in- about 8,000. I think I may move Antonio and the kids to a new house for next week if he continues making good money.

Antonio called a babysitter and headed for a night out to make some new friends.

His new trim self (thanks to lots of use of the dance-o-sphere) last night, he happily helps his kids' with their homework.

Beatrice's one true hobby is Arts and Crafts. She loves to paint and Benedick is super active and so loves to skip!

Wow, Antonio is richer than he's ever been!

The twins became teens and both rolled FAMILY!  eeks!
Benedick wants to reach his Golden Anniversary and Beatrice to Graduate 3 kids from college.
(I only 'eeked' because the one time I've played her as a Family sim- in my megahood where she married Buck Grunt, they had 2 sets of twins. (naturally too). Can't happen twice eh?

                       I gave her a new 'do- she didn't like it much.

Ralph Enriquez seemed to like it though- he's getting quite a reputation around Veronaville!

Benedick didn't have anywhere near as good luck with Mallory. She's not one for compliments or flirting!

Antonio decided to get together a group of his work buddies. (Regan here is the only Capp who has befriended him). He thought it was going well,

                                Wow.. never seen that before.

        oops- guess he must've been in more fights than I remember. Well anyway he had a rockin' outing.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, when the taxi brought him home the game crashed and I couldn't solve the issues after many attempts at trying.
I had to move them out. A little earlier than planned.

So here they are at their new place. Luckily Antonio had those big bonuses from work!
They only lost a day so it wasn't too bad. See ya next time around!

Antonio- to skill, serve food, learn to make food, stargaze.

Beatrice- usual kids wants, then as a teen to have first kiss, fall in love, make bffs and eat chili.

Benedick- usual kids wants- as a teen, first kiss, flirt, meet someone new and make friend.

Stats to appear soon on homepage.


  1. i have played a round of veronaville, and ralph (teenage boy has got round my hood too).

  2. OMG a Lousy Loser???? hahahah! I have seen that message before about a poor reputation, but I never thought to check the reputation scale. My Antonio chose sporks and lost all their money, he is struggling. Wow nice looking house!

  3. Well looks like Antonio is actually doing pretty good so far. I've seen him have rough rounds in other blogs, so it's nice he's doing well here.