Friday, 15 June 2012

Summerdream- Round1- House 3

All Sim World's a stage, and all Sims in it are merely playables...

Heh- welcome to the Summerdream home. I love this home- the garden is a nightmare and so is the house/layout but I love it anyway.

In residence;

Oberon (adult)- Knowledge LTW- Chief of Staff.
Titania (adult)- Family LTW- Marry off 6 kids.
Puck (teen)- Popularity LTW- become The Law
Bottom (child)- Grow up.

Oberon and Titania both showed wishes to get married, and so Oberon popped the question...

and there's a party going on when the lot opens so why not make it a joint effort...

Puck fulfilled his wishes during the party- to make out with Hermia, influence someone to entertain/play with/talk to and to have a great party.

Bottom shows lots of wishes to skill, make friends, be swung, jump rope and be Bff's.

Oberon and Titania get little makeovers and enjoy lots of honeymoon time- only Risky knows if it's working. :)

I had them quit their current jobs in the Slacker field and got Oberon into Medical as soon as it appeared and Titania took up the Oceanography career.

They got invited out by someone and both went- it was a case of trying to keep the Capp's and Monty's apart....

Which never seems to work that well- I think the women are worse than the men!
It was a good outing anyway and changed up some wishes which were easy to fulfill for the day.

I love that this family have so many friends and Puck here knows most of them- he brings a new friend home from school every day.
He initially showed a college wish but it rolled away and hasn't returned.

Bottom has fulfilled wishes to have homework help, be best friends and bff's with Oberon and Titania and likes to skill and beat her friends' at games!

Ah what angel wakes me from my flowery bed?

Seriously love, do you have to say that every morning?!

Yes, risky is working!

Pregnancy is tough on Titania- she had to view her priceless vase to boost her fun so I could get in her in a good enough mood to fulfill wishes in order to energize.

Puck threw another party for his friends. He didn't invite Tybalt, which seems to stem the fights... He just had to keep Juliette away from Mercutio!

and in doing so got another best friend.

                                          He chats, she skills!


It's twins! Two boys I name Demetrius and Lysander.

Oh, so now you want to learn Parenting!
(wouldn't it be better for them to wish this during pregnancy?!).

                             On Sunday Bottom made a best friend.

                                   Just in time to grow up.

She rolled... ROMANCE! (typical- she is such a Knowledge sim!).
Her LTW is to become a Rock God.

Lysander and Demetrius had their birthdays too, and yay, they got elf ears!

Puck here reached the top of his Culinary career. In making friends with Ralph he got his 12th friend thus maxing his influence meter.


It was quite hard this week to keep everyone happy- and I didn't fulfill wishes for everyone on a daily basis- particularly Titania who was hard to keep happy in her pregnancy- and now we know why. hah.

Oberon- Get married, skilling- more skilling- friends, more skilling. Boring but easy. Hopefully he'll wish to train the kids next time. He's currently a Resident.

Titania- Have baby, make friends, skill, learn parenting, talk, entertain.
After having the twins she rolled a wish to have 10 kids. lol. I don't think she went to to work all that much.

(In all other times I've played the Summerdreams' bar once, they've always had twins- so I kinda figured it would happen).

Puck- probably the most fun to play- wanted friends, parties, best friends, bff's, influencing at parties. Good stuff.

Bottom- skilling, friends, winning games, homework, A+. It'll be interesting to see how she takes to Romance.


  1. I have never had twins with the Summerdreams. *jealous* LOL great play. I didnt manage all wishes for everyone either! Nice makeovers. Good looking baby boys!

  2. Oooh...twins. That certainly makes going for 6 kids to get married a lot faster. :) I like the make-overs a lot. Fun house. Dreading it a bit when I get there though.