Monday, 4 June 2012

Capp Manor- Round1- House1

In residence:-
Consort Capp (elder)- Fortune- LTW to earn 100K
Tybalt Capp (teen)- Popularity- LTW to have 20 Best friends
Juliette Capp (teen)- Family- LTW to Marry off 6 kids (yikes!)
Hermia Capp (teen)- Family- LTW to have 3 kids graduate college.

Consort Capp- a Fortune Sim, a CEO in business with a lifetime wish to earn 100K. He lives here with his 3 grandchildren.

His current wishes are to  buy an expensive tv, earn skills (for promotion) and to make friends. He's a happy guy- not. You know the Sim who always comes and pokes your sims when they look through the telescope during the day and steal your paper for no reason? Yep- this is he.

 Tybalt here has wishes to get a job in Politics (done), win a fight with Mercutio Monty, make a friend, meet someone new and go out.

Juliette's first wishes were to go steady (done), get cooking & cleaning skill, sneak out and flirt.

Hermia wished to kiss Puck, earn cooking & cleaning skill, flirt and buy a bookcase. Here she must've wished to make a friend, :)

Capp Manor is a bit of a nightmare, I always remove the hedges from around the back of the property (on a slope- gardener can't get to them) and delete some trees while moving others forward. I also change the front of the house a little so there is a bit more living space. A gate is a must- I can't have dogs digging up Consort's manicured lawn.
Oh look, Mercutio has dropped by...

I had Tybalt go greet him and this was the greeting- haha, followed by,

Mercutio just launched himself at Tybalt....

                                haha, take that Monty from the enemy clan!

              Juliette snuck out with Romeo later that night.

Still needing friends for promotion Consort took the kids to the local market where they met other kids and started forming friendships. The girls got some new clothes, Consort got a new suit and I forgot to take them to the mirror. :D

Consort started building back up his relationship with his daughters- and inheritance when he's gone will be handy, :D

Tybalt got permission to go out and Consort got accepted into the Garden club- he didn't get a wishing well this time but got some handy tips (been so long since I bothered that I'd forgotten to clean up and fertilize plants- etc), :D
On the plus side all 4 sims are in platinum.

Julius Caesar's ghost came out and scared Consort, who is another one of my knowledge sims who likes to see a ghost but never when I want him to... :)

Summary-  All 3 kids initially had wishes to go to college, but they spun away once I'd fulfilled something else and haven't come back.

Actually only had 2 days in the house as it was Saturday when I started play and like Pleasantview I am going Monday-Monday when all are in sync.

I've played the Capp's many times and they actually spun some varied wishes.

2nd days wishes,
Consort- make friend, skill x3, buy clothes, make another friend. (Ok, his weren't that varied).
Tybalt- Buy phone, get mech skill, meet someone new, make best friend and talk.
Juliette- Buy phone, slow dance, skill, buy florist bench (did- then she spun to get bronze).
Hermia- make friend, get skill, bronze badge in floristry, serve food, go steady.


  1. i have played these rececently in my game and the girls wanted to buy a toy making bench, and thier ltw was to graduate 3 children from college.

  2. Yay! I love Veronaville! I'm having such a hard time keeping up with the different Pleasantview Wishes blogs (not to mention my own prosperity :p) ... so this should be great! I like your way of narrating as well.

  3. Wow Consort has the same ltw as my consort. The girls are different. Hehe! I hear ya about the hedges. I tend to keep them but I flatten a strip of land around them so the gardener can get to them.

  4. It makes me so happy someone is playing this hood in the same way as Pleasantview Wishes! I love it!


  5. Fun to see how you play Veronaville. I'm excited to get to some of these hoods in my wishes, but that will take a bit since it's a megahood. :D