Monday, 4 June 2012

Monty Ranch- Round 1- House 2

In residence:-
Patrizio Monty-(elder)- Family- LTW- Marry off 6 kids (not!).
Isabella Monty (elder)- Family- LTW- to raise 20 kitties/puppies (eek!)
Mercutio (teen)- Popularity- LTW- Celebrity Chef
Romeo (teen)- Romance- LTW- Celebrity Chef

Patrizio Monty is head of the clan of Restauranteurs. He and Isabella both made careers out of it and their son Antonio too is in the business, although never seems that keen...
Anyway... Patrizio's initial wishes were to talk, make friend (done), get cooking & cleaning skill and serve food.

 Ever the Matriarch Isabella wanted to serve food (done), get cooking & cleaning skill, make friend and talk.

It's odd I know but Romeo too wanted to skill, also buy a bar, make out with Juliette, swim and meet someone new.

Mercutio wanted to meet someone new, make a friend, get creativity skill, get fit and go to college. 

Patrizio takes a leaf out of his arch enemy Consort's book and starts building back up his relationships with his kids (and grandkids).
I've played Antonio quite a bit- he's always broke poor guy, maybe this time around it'll be different.

Romeo invited Juliette over for a make out session but Tybalt turned up too- talk about over protective older brother!

Dude- that's the second time he's kicked your butt!

Romeo the ol' Romance sim instantly wanted to have 2 loves, so starts forming a friendship with Katherine the newspaper girl.

Are you a creature of habit like me? I've always felt the Monty ranch should have a pool and every time I play it, I always put it here!

                  Patrizio practises his best belly flop!

I decided to 'keep' Isabella (I'll elixir her) and go for her LTW. I created 2 cats this time instead of adopting. Star (yep the one with stars) and Stripe... heh.
They don't go near each other for a day.... :)

After ignoring them for a day their social had dropped so they had to play with each other- heh- and soon they were ready to 'try for babies'.

Someone else has love on their mind- although it's taking ages to get her
friendship- maybe she knows Juliette?

Patrizio is over the moon when he makes a best friend with Bianca. He's still working on his cooking skills and keeping up friendships with his grandkids.

The boys already had jobs in the Culinary field, Mercutio is one step ahead of Romeo.
They both bought friends home most days. (This house started on Tuesday- so 5 good days play).

On Thursday Patrizio and Isabella enjoyed a date.

It was the perfect date that Patrizio wished for...

But shortly after Death came floating by....

Poor Isabella took the loss very hard (ouchie at the -5K!), but Patrizio did well to leave any inheritance after just 2 days).

The boys got promoted to the top on the same day and collected their inheritance after work.

Isabella shed a tear but had already rolled a wish to fall in love. Sims! What are they like?!

                      Really? I paid 5K for a burglar?!

Whilst on her date she made best friends with her son, at least. Hey! She doesn't have to marry the guy, just fall in love with him!

We had a litter of 3- all orangy coloured so I called them Tango, Mango (2 boys) and a little girl, Peach.

Both cats now have jobs and Isabella is training them up.

Honestly Katherine, why did you come on a date with Romeo if you don't want to kiss him?!

So Romeo butters her up with a slow dance but look! Goneril Capp in the background covering her eyes... haha.

After he moved in for a smooch Regan turned up too- her and Goneril went between covering their eyes to gagging to sending negative signals all over the place...

Oh yeah, now that's what I call a date gift!

Mercutio is doing well with his best friends- got 5 now.

            eww Granny please!

 ok, he can buzz off now- at least she never rolled a wish to marry him!

First taste of elixir for Isabella.

Still busy training the cats-

So Wendy the store clerk is Romeo's 3rd date- and look! Juliette walked by and just swooned!

Oh ok, it took her a second or two to twig...

Inside the place Goneril Capp was scrapping with Antonio Monty! These enemy clans are excellent entertainment!
Antonio won- shame on you hitting a lady.

Romeo decided to take Wendy back outside for a kiss and then Cornwall Capp walked by and he did the same thing- hands over eyes- negative signs.

Of course Juliette and he had lost best friend status when he cheated, but he smooth talked his way out of her bad books (Wendy was inside at this point) and in no time at all they were best friends again and the furiousness had gone! Result!

As the taxi arrived to take him home he just spotted this- Wendy and Juliette going for it- I guess we'll never know who won- until the next time I visit Capp Manor anyway. :)


Yeah, what a fun week. It was a shame about Patrizio but I wouldn't have had enough points for elixir for him at that stage anyway.  His inheritance will at least help out Antonio and Bianca when I play their lots.

Isabella- I figured I'm into pets at the moment after Pleasantview but wanted something different- it'll be interesting to see how the kitties turn out.
She never rolled a wish to get married (thank goodness) and is happy to serve food, talk, make friends, get skill and now praise/train cats.

Mercutio- He wants the friendships (maybe not Tybalt's eh?!). He also likes to eat spaghetti and omelettes, skill and meet new people. He no longer rolled college wishes.

Romeo- he's a Romancer for sure! Enjoyed his 3rd date already- I dunno if he'll be the settling down type- we'll see.  Wishes to fall in love/2 times/make out with 3 sims/go on dates/ skill/ eat spaghetti and make friends.


  1. You're going for the raising 20 kittens, eh? Good luck! I haven't been able to do it yet... but I guess I don't try that hard :p Very entertaining post, lots of conflict!

  2. Woo I think You accomplished more with them than I did. I find the whole layout of that house to be hard. But easy to use the courtyard to add more living space. Good play!

  3. Whew, what crazy neighborhood drama here. Very fun. :) Romero is quite the romancer for sure.