Monday, 18 June 2012

Bianca Monty- Round1- House4

Bianca Monty is a Family Sim with a Lifetime Want to 'Reach her Golden Anniversary'.. She wants to be BFF's with her mum Isabella, have a baby, get married and be friends with Puck.
She's also having a breakdown...

I don't know what sent her over the edge, maybe her Dad dying? Oh well. The Doctor came and made her 'well'.

I decided to concentrate on her love life as she was in too bad a mood to do anything else and so she called up Kent Capp, they already had a good relationship and a couple of flirts later they were in love...

Bianca asked him on a date where she surprised him with an engagement over dinner.

                                      They shared their first kiss.

                  Wow Kent, you really shouldn't have!..... *rolls eyes*

So Kent here is a Knowledge Sim with a LTW to be Chief of Staff. He wants to marry Bianca and be her Bff, buy a bookcase and a fridge. (With his 235 simoleons? haha, I don't think so!).

Luckily Bianca's inheritance from her Dad's estate kicked in and she was able to buy some essentials and make her fiance a bit happier.

The next day they both rolled a wish to throw a wedding party- I flipped a coin, :)

                                                Aww sweet.

and look, as the happy couple posed for their photo Kent's sisters Regan (front) and Goneril (back) are going for a flirt with their husbands...
Weddings! They bring everyone together!

Well, y'know, for a moment or two anyway.
Poor Isabella Monty- she finds herself a victim to many a fight now Patrizio is gone.
This is a very one-sided party, all Bianca's relatives were busy/at work/school apart from her Mother.
Bianca got the last laugh when Kent became a Monty. :D

Bianca hopes to start her family straight away- only time will tell.

Meantime she'd taken a job in the Education career. Hmm, what to do?

Bianca you ol' snitch! No wonder everyone in Veronaville gossips about you!

Kent got into the Medical field and was soon earning his way up the scale.

He also likes to skill,

and fish,

and skill.

He met a wolf and then rolled a wish to become a werewolf.  He's very typically Knowledge.
If the want is there when we return, we may pursue it!

Bianca's pregnancy went ok, she kept herself busy.

On Friday little Jessica joined the family!

The next day she became a toddler...

and the day after that... Risky is working overtime!


Bianca- quite a good week. After the initial breakdown a date was all that was needed to boost her moods and the rest followed naturally. I can't remember which level in her career she got to.
Bianca wanted to skill and make friends and meet new people to then make friends with. Quite limited wishes but easily fulfilled.

Kent- He basically wanted to skill, then skill some more. Easy too.

Jessica- still a toddler. :)


  1. Boy Risky was good to Bianca and Kent in your game! I think it was on vacation during mine. hehehe! Jessica is a cutie!

  2. Wow, Risky sure is working overtime. I'm worried it's not working in my game. lol. Only one family so far, but no babies. I'm hoping the next family will have better luck. Jessica is a CUTIE! :)

  3. Jessica is so cute :D and in my game Kent also became a Monty :)