Monday, 18 June 2012

Capp-Goneril, Round1, House 5

In residence and Initial wishes:-

Goneril-(adult) Fortune, LTW- Business Tycoon.
wishes- earn 100, earn anything, meet someone new, get a pet.
Albany-(adult)-Family, LTW- Reach Golden Anniversary.
wishes- skill, talk to Bianca, get a job, meet someone new.
Miranda-(teen)- Romance- Celebrity Chef
wishes- Be friends with Bottom, skill, be Bff's Albany, go to college.
Hal- (child), get a pet, skill, talk, be friends with Desdemona
Desdemona-(child), get a pet, skill, be friends with Hal, get A+
Ariel (toddler)- be snuggled, played with, talked to, learn creativity.

whew! That's a lot of sims/wishes!
First off- the house is unfurnished, so there aren't going to be any pets initially 'cos they can't afford it. I send the kids to school and Albany finds the first job which is in the Oceanography career.

Later that day and Goneril cheers up Desdemona after school and Miranda helps Hal with his homework.

                    Albany serves up some yummy soup for dinner.

Albany started off a few garden plots and splashed out on an activity table to broaden his young issues minds!

 Miranda had a dream date with Mercutio, which was almost a disaster....

when the clutzy waiter dropped salad all over her!  (I swear she ordered the bolognese!). :D

Hal enters teendom, he rolls Pleasure and has a LTW to be a Professional Party Guest.

Ariel became a child. She has initial wishes to make a friend, have homework help and get a skill.


Looks like everyone bought someone home from work/school! Well, the girls did anyway.

     A nice boost in points when Desdemona and Hal get to be bff's.

A bad decision on a chance card got Miranda fired from her teen job.

                      Goneril is eating her way through pregnancy.

Desdemona is always gossiping about her deceased Aunt Cordelia. (She is the mother of Juliette, Tybalt and Hermia), or was, I should say.

Desdemona became a teen and rolled Pleasure. She has a Lifetime want to be a Game Designer. Go you! I like how her pink tights match her face mask.

Albany is happily working his way up the career path, he got the Koi pond for his little yard. He also got Bronze gardening.

                                     Goneril goes into labour...
another Son joins the family! He's called Gregory. I think Albany and Hal are pleased, they have been rather outnumbered up to this point!

 It's amazing how much of a boost getting smart as a toddler gives! Ariel maxed creativity and got a Bronze badge in Gardening. Her one true hobby is nature.

Miranda found time to get a second love interest this week- this is Ralph Enriquez.

                            Her and Desdemona are best friends too.

Winter always seems to arrive early in the more financially struggling households!

Well it's not Santa, but she does bear gifts! Sadly not for any of the Sims I yet control, so I can only assume she always picks the youngest. Gregory will have a lamp when he's a toddler!

On her second career attempt Miranda hit the top and I hit the sack.

What a mad week. It's so hard to control everyone and I did my very best to fulfill all wishes, with not much success to be fair. 

Goneril- currently a Junior Executive. In between trying to learn skills, have a baby and general care of the home she didn't get much else done.

Albany- bit of a fun chap to play- he's a Whale Tracker at the moment. He likes to play/talk to and dance with his kiddies and wants 10 kids I think. *ugh- that is not locked- please go away*.

Miranda- 3 dates, 2 with Mercutio. She loves her brothers and sisters- who knew?! 

Hal- Likes to jump rope, play with his sisters and skill.  

Desdemona- Happy kid who liked to skill, dance, play, talk and never sit still.

Ariel- My star perfomer, maxed creatitivy, likes to garden, skill, play. She's a happy one.

Gregory- still a baby.


  1. Wooo a baby! I am fortunate my Goneril and Albany didn't go down that road. I really need to move them into a better house. Erm. I love gardens, but tuff to start them when you open the lot and it is just about fall. Great round with them!!!!

  2. I agree, big families are always harder for me to do well in, since I'm used to micro-managing my sims, and there's just too many to do that! :p

  3. Whew....I'm kind of tired just reading that post. That is a lot of people, and you add another baby to the mix....yikes.

    Great job with what you got accomplished though. Ariel is a very pretty little sim. :)