Monday, 18 June 2012

Capp Regan- Round1, House 6

Regan is a Fortune Sim with a Lifetime want to be a Hall of Famer. She wants to earn money, infact 100 simoleons, she wants to have a baby and play with her sister, Goneril.

Her husband Cornwall is also a Fortune Sim, but he wants to become a City Planner. He wants to earn some money, have a baby, get a creativity skill and be bff's with his father-in-law, Consort.

In order to get through the career ranks contacts are always useful, and so off to a community lot they go...

They found plenty of people to chat to at the new community lot, As Youth Likes It, (which is basically a revamped Doc's hangout).

 Plenty of family here too but it's not quite clear why they are all in the restroom.
Hmm... anyway, a guy gave Cornwall a nod that he'd get him discounted furnishings in the future- no questions asked now!

They finished the day off with a date at Londoste, where a townie stole Regan's dinner. This happens to my sims a lot lately. Maybe the townies are starving. Who knows.  She had dessert instead, ;)

                                          Attempting to get a baby.

Cornwall took a job in Education to tide them over while he looked for the Architecture career.

They had a good outing with friends but didn't get any gifts. :(

Regan's dad Consort got her a job in the Business field while she awaits the appearance of Athletic.

                                            stupid chance cards....

Cornwall soon found his chosen career and started working his way up.

         He also unearthed a treasure or two whilst digging in his garden.

                   Still no sign of pregnancy for Regan, so try, try again!

I suppose when one area of your life doesn't go as planned another comes along- she has good friends and is getting good skills!

With another promotion for both they get a wish for new clothes!

Regan can't help but gossip about her arch enemy Isabella Monty and that incident at her brother's recent wedding....

                             They have fun trying on new stuff!

Cornwall the greedy Fortune sim, not only does he want clothes, he wants the jewellery too!

It's Sunday night and they are still attempting to have a baby! Can't believe it hasn't happened after a week!

Yeah- it's quite easy to play 2 people, especially after the last round... heh.

Regan- typical Fortune wants to buy things, get skills and friends for jobs. I locked 'have a baby' on the first day. It may happen. Still no luck with Athletic and so she's currently a CEO thanks to a promotion she got from a night out with her Dad. :) Also had wishes to play chess, play pc and talk about hobby.

Cornwall- Shows lots of nature wishes even though it's not his one true hobby. Birdwatch, catch bugs. He likes to play chess, invite sims over and skill for promotions. Is hoping to one day be a Father! Currently an Architect's Apprentice.


  1. Aww poor Regan and Cornwall. Complete opposite from my game! Looks like they had fun being yuppies though!

  2. baby yet. That's how Megalahood was for the Weir's. Connor REALLY wants a baby, but no luck yet. Hope next round is nicer for them. Looks like they had some fun though. :)