Monday, 27 August 2012

Regan Capp- Round 2- House 6

In residence-

Regan Capp- (Fortune)- LTW- Hall of Famer
Cornwall Capp- (Know)- LTW- Become City Planner

The smiling-at-home-only Cornwall comes into some money after his father-in-law Consort died.

Regan earns a nice wad of her own and in doing so brings herself one step closer to the top of her profession. Bringing someone new home from work and befriending them helps too.

It must be date night, Cornwall and Regan are still trying to have a baby!

Cornwall enjoys birdwatching and can often be found with his binoculars in the garden.

Regan wanted to purchase a community lot and so she bought the little 3-2-1 cafe, but renamed it The Penny Dropped and turned it into an amusement arcade.

Cornwall said they couldn't possibly open for business until he'd washed all the windows!

They had an excellent session and had got to level 3 in their business quite quickly before heading home.

They thought the 'feeling good' factor might help.

It didn't. :(
But Regan got to be a Business Tycoon so the day wasn't wasted.
Her LTW is to be a Hall of Famer but she still hasn't found that in the paper/on the pc after nearly 2 weeks!

Cornwall is working his way up the Architectural career path.

There was a bit of drama at the business when a customer set the hotdogs on fire but thankfully Regan had installed a fire alarm and the fire department arrived very promptly to deal with the problem. A few stars were lost but no lives were.

The yuppie couple tried every which way they could to become pregnant!

But still nothing happened.
Regan enjoyed showing off about her new Gold Sales technique.
By Sunday evening the business was rank 7.

Regan and Cornwall had earned/made enough money to sell their old house at Poet Place and move here, to 80 Bard Boulevard, a lovely family home.

All they need now is the Family to go in it!


Regan- got TOC, gold Sales. Still no ltw job (Athletic) and still no baby- (every night they woohooed).
Wishes for her business, then to rank up, for customers to get stars, to get skills and talk about her hobby (Arts and Crafts).

Cornwall- Gold Sales.
Wishes to earn skills, be bff's, get promotions, birdwatch, go hiking.

I'm hoping that moving them might help with the whole baby thing, or maybe it's just not meant to be for them. :)


  1. Poor Regan and Cornwall! No kiddies. They are going to be rich and childless. I really like that house, I currently have it in play in my hood. Isn't that aggravating when the job just won't come up on the PC???

  2. Poor Regan and Cornwall....still no babies. Hopefully soon, if not there is always adoption. The new house looks really nice.

  3. The Penny Dropped. Cute name! Wow, can't believe the elusive sports career. I guess she'll have to make do with topping this one out first! And the elusive baby! Poor gal...hope her wishes are easier to make come true next time!