Monday, 27 August 2012

Antonio Monty- Round 2- House 7

In residence,

Antonio (Know)- LTW- Max skills
Benedick (Fam)- LTW- Reach Golden Anniversary
Beatrice (Fam)- LTW- Graduate 3 kids from college

Initial wishes to buy new clothes, mp3/phone/game, sneak out, college, tell inside jokes. (teens). Antonio- to skill, talk to someone and meet someone new.

Benedick met several people but was very taken with walkby pizza delivery girl Jane Jalowitz.

Antonio and Beatrice were happy with their new clothes and found some friends to chat with.

The kids got haircuts and they all discussed why home cooked food is so much better than takeaways. ;)

As it's Autumn the family decide it's thinking caps on and skill away.

Nature loving Benedick starts a garden while his Science loving dad looks to the skies.

Although Beatrice had an intial wish to go steady with Hal (after their date at his place) she only had 1 bolt with him, and so after bringing home several friends from school she found she was very much more attracted to Keith here.

Antonio reached the top of his career after meeting someone new at the community lot who happened to know his boss so said they'd put in a good word for him.

He was so excited he bust a move in front of one of his colleagues!

It seems that sneaking out with Mallory Mace is more of a race than a sneak!

and often ends in the same result. She's trouble that girl!

The week ends with Antonio maxing his skills and getting his lifetime want!


I moved the Monty's this round and so far so good!

Antonio- wanted to reach TOC, skill, skill and skill some more. Also had wishes to buy an ant farm, a pc and learn physiology.

Benedick- wanted to sneak out with Mallory, tell inside joke, make friend, get skill and (daily) to talk to Bottom. Each time he talked to her he afterwards rolled a college wish, but never woke up with it.

Beatrice- meet someone new, entertain, skill, talk to Bottom (daily), invite a sim  over, learn Fire Safety.

Not a lot of pictures but a productive week here with skilling and forming friendships for the future! I think the twins have found their mates, but we'll find out next time. :)


  1. Antonio hit a stroke of good luck there, eh? Beatrice and Benedick are growing up to be good kids!

  2. I love the fact that Bottom obviously makes Benedick think about uni, then he goes to bed and realizes he doesn't really want to go. :) Nice round for them.

  3. I love your little square garden around the tree! I totally have to "borrow" that idea.