Friday, 23 November 2012

Capp Manor- Round 3- House 1

Welcome to round 3 in Veronaville!
In residence at the Manor are;

The still-teen Hermia Capp who just lost her grandad Consort.
Her teen sweetheart Puck who grew up, moved in and is awaiting Hermia's imminent adult birthday.
and Hermia's brother Tybalt, who although very grumpy still manages to make best friends as per his wishes.

Hermia's wishes revolve around nature- catching bugs, planting seeds, birdwatching, fishing, gardening and gaining badges as well as wanting to be in the zone.

Puck's LTW is to become The Law, he found his job and is currently working on skills when he wishes. As a popularity sim he wants to meet someone new, friend and best friend them and he wishes to fish.

Tybalt is much the same as Puck, he has a LTW to have 20 simultaneous best friends which is quite hard for him as he tends to insult people he meets- a lot. :D He's currently in the Political career.

Tybalt owns Cappfish Market and he and Hermia went for a couple of sessions while Puck was at his job.

Hermia was soon dazzling the customers.
In no time at all Hermia celebrated her birthday.
It took seconds to fall back in love and lock lips with her pretty boy Puck again.
Tybalt was busy working on skills (and being scared by the endless ghosts).
Hermia got a makeover.
ungrateful sim!
One of the first things she did was set fire to the kitchen. Tybalt was just standing there but eventually moved. I was hoping for a bit of drama but it was not to be...
The family have to stock the Cappfish market and in no time at all Puck got a bronze badge, Tybalt outdid that with Gold and Hermia got in the zone.
Tybalt has no desires to get married but enjoys flirting and kissing Arianna the maid, one of his best friends.
Over a cosy dinner Puck surprised Hermia with an engagement ring. She said yes of course.
The next morning they found themselves locking lips in the garden where a wedding arch had been erected overnight.
Puck wanted to throw a party and so their guests arrived. He and Hermia had to quickly separate Romeo Monty and Regan Capp before the ceremony began!
One for the album, :)
Tybalt kept the party going while the happy couple started the celebrations early. Hermia's LTW is to graduate 3 kids from college, after all.
Before too long Hermia was pregnant and enjoying the fruits of her labour, or vegetables, heh.
Puck came and pitched in down at the Market. The business is rank 6. Hermia has a bronze Restocking badge, Tybalt has silver Register and Puck has gold Sales.
Family sim Hermia rolled Knowledge as a secondary aspiration and immediately wanted to see a ghost and be saved from death.
She was scared by several ghosts but the worst that happened was she passed out. Not to be this time, maybe next. *grin*.
The week ends with baby Rosalind being born. She got that one custom skintone that's in my files. Still a redhead like her parents though and we'll know next time if she gets her dad's elf ears, she got her mother's grey eyes.
I had a moment of total panic when I hit play for Veronaville neighbourhood because it appeared to have gone! Then I remembered I hadn't put my save in since my pc upgrade and, whew, panic over. I had to change the windows on the Cappfish market back to white- it's odd that bug that makes those windows red.
I think because they all had wishes to fish their wishes then turned very naturesque and daily wished to catch bugs/fireflies/birdwatch/fish/blog.
Hermia also wished to skill, get in the zone, be saved from death, see ghost, buy crib/changing table, plant seed and meet someone new as well as having a baby.
Puck wanted to party and at the party use his influence, he also enjoyed blogging about nature as well as meeting new people and making friends.
Tybalt used the party to influence sims too, he wanted to blog, serve food and currently wants to reach the top of his career.



  1. Hahaha yeah Tybalt is a nasty fellow....just like his grandpap. I guess Maxis thought him a challenge to play as a Pop Sim. Wow fishing out of the built in yard ponds! I would never have thunk it. I will have to try it next time I play that lot. Hermia is a pretty adult, I have never played her to that age. (Next round, looking forward to it!). Puck is a friend amicable fellow, a nice offset to the nasty Tybalt. :)

    1. Yes Maxis loves to give us a challenge (or did), heh. You can fish out of the ponds, just remove some (or all) of the brick fencing around the edges. I thought Hermia might have twins but it wasn't to be, maybe cheesecake next time, :D

  2. I like the wedding picture of Hermia and Puck. Very cute couple there. Love the fish market idea.

    1. Thanks. I've always taken pictures of my married couples. Before we had the option to have other sims take snaps I used to have a family member (if there was one) paint it on the easel as a wedding gift.
      The fish market was fun. I think it keeps business more fresh if you can come up with a different idea rather than doing the same all the time.

    2. I am so horrible about coming up with businesses. You've had some great ideas. Sometimes I think I should try out a BACC just to "force" myself to do some. Then I think of all the challenges I have going now and decide it probably isn't a good idea. :D