Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bianca Monty- Round 3- House 4

Back at Bianca's place and residing here are Bianca and her husband Kent, their 3 kids, Jessica and twins Adrian & Phoebe plus Kent's adopted wolf Balin.
While the kids go to school Kent tends the garden. He has a wish to become a werewolf which I locked last time. He also wants to talk to Adrian, play with Puck and get a skill point.

Bianca had wishes to see Jessica get an A+, become a plantsim, see Mercutio cured of plantsimism and entertain Titania. As Bianca is currently working on her gardening badge and it's coming up for summer I locked 'become a plantsim'.
Jessica turned teen and rolled Popularity. Her LTW is to become The Law. Initial wishes were to have 10 bf's, meet someone new, go to college and buy cellphone/mp3/handheld.

As I seem to have 2 'Allegra' white wolves running around Veronaville I had Kent play with, etc etc this one until she was friendly enough to adopt. I think it might help bring the Leader of the Pack around, who Kent has not yet met. Her and Balin are already quite friendly and Kent took several days worth of attempts to have them try for puppies before they stopped growling at him and agreed.

Kent has been working towards his LTW to become Chief of Staff, but a chance card on Thursday saw him get fired as well as losing 20K! That took the household funds (which were about 17K) down to zero. oops.

Still he used his time off work productively and got a bronze badge in gardening as well as training the pets, who he got jobs.
As the family is so broke and until the Medical career comes up I had Kent take a job in Military- it's the best pay for the lowest levels.

The twins were thrilled when 2 new wolf puppies arrived- Cassie & Carlos. Kids often wish for pets and spin wishes to play with/praise/command etc.

Just after the puppies were born Bianca got a surprise of her own...
Yes that pesticide is really something...

Ta Da!  Heh, Bianca looks funny in her original makeup and glasses. :)
Still, it was a good aspiration hit and so far she hasn't spun the wish to be 'normal' again.
Jessica is wishing for skills, the kids and Bianca are also into the books.

While Jessica may (or not) go to college her parents want her to get scholarships and who am I to deny them a good aspiration hit?
Just after the puppies were born the Leader of the Pack (Smokey- haha), came to visit. Kent got some good quality petting and playing in...

Before Smokey decided to go and eat one of the kids' homework- 'Sir, the dog ate my homework' probably doesn't cut it in class anymore!
Kent had to shoo him away but is hopeful of a bite really soon.

Jessica got a teen job and brought Hal Capp home- just because the original families are enemies doesn't mean the kids are- although a few are, ;)

Can you believe Antonio just walked right on by his sister here! She had to chase after him. I guess he didn't recognise his green sis. Jessica too has wishes
to play with Uncle Antonio often and so he always comes around.

Sunday is birthday time for the twins. Adrian is first and he rolled-
Knowledge- yay- just like his dad. His LTW is to become a City Planner.
Phoebe rolled Fortune and wants to earn 100K for an LTW. All very doable.
Her and Adrian both have wishes to go to college of course, they probably won't roll away and we'll find out next time how they get all get on.
Bianca- got lucky with the plantsimness. She mainly wanted to skill, play with friends and make new foods this week.  Bianca got a Gold badge in gardening this week. Bianca's LTW is to celebrate her Golden Anniversary- she's a few days from Elder but Kent is perhaps a good week or more away.  Bianca is in the Education field and I don't recall too many promotions this week! lol.
Kent- He's now Best friends with Smokey the scary wolf and I'm hopeful that on Smokey's next visit that Kent will get nibbled.  On Friday he got the job in Military and on Sunday he found Medical again- he starts as a G.P next time.
Jessica- Got her 10 best friends, working on skills and meeting new people. She wanted to buy new clothes but they can't afford it, heh.
Adrian & Phoebe- as kids wanted to skill, be swung around, make friends (they both brought friends home from school every day) as well as wishing to play with and command the pets.


  1. Yay for plantsims! They are a lot of fun. And @ Kent getting bronze in gardening. Ewww, losing job and $17K, but that is what makes the game fun and challenging, and a tad unpredictable. I must say I haven't pursued the supernaturals much in my new prosperity hoods, I need to get on that. They are sooo much fun!

  2. Where did you get Phoebe's outfit ?

    1. Phoebe's teen outfit? It's from either the Teen Style Stuff SP or from the Sims2 Store.

  3. Things are not less exactly the same in my game. Kent and Bianca got married that Bianca took Kent's surname, they raised Kent's half-alien twin children Othello and Macbeth, named after a Shakespeare play that I last played in April 2015.