Sunday, 30 December 2012

Antonio Monty- Round 3- House 7

Welcome back to Antonio's. Here he is with his twins and their initial wishes...

The eternal chef Antonio wishes to serve food, talk about his hobby (Cuisine), talk to Miranda and play the piano.

Beatrice wishes to be best friends with Keith Cormier, talk and blog about her arts & crafts hobby and talk to Bottom.

Benedick wants to talk to Bottom, buy some electronic games and get into private school.

Benedick got all self conscious when he had a breakout of zits just before the Head arrived, but all went well and he and Beatrice were accepted.

Beatrice made best friends with Keith and then had a wish to Go Steady.

She often brought Keith home from her teen job but was only allowed supervised visits inside the house. Her dad is old fashioned like that.

Pot, Kettle I say Antonio! Remember during the Monty Ranch round he was always at Miranda's doing the wild thing. He did have a few wishes to talk to and play with her this round, but no romantic wishes at all, so she's off the hook (whew) and Antonio is happy as a single dad, throwing parties and making friends.

Half way through the week it was the twins' birthday. They are both family sims, Beatrice has a LTW to graduate 3 kids from college and Benedick wants to reach his Golden Anniversary. They had a few college wishes, usually after they'd had their daily phone calls to Bottom Summerdream but they rolled away quickly.

Haha, it's safe to say that Beatrice got the better birthday outfit. That's Keith Cormier standing by Beatrice, she chose to grow him up with her.
Benedick had been friends with pizza girl Jane for some time and wished to propose once he turned adult.
Antonio was keeping himself busy. Now at the top of his career he learnt fire safety as well as enjoying daily hikes.
His second LTW was to reach the top of the entertainment career and he finally found the job as the week went on.
His secondary aspiration of Fortune got a nice hit when he earned 100K! Go Antonio.
Before the week was out Antonio became an Elder.
After a change of clothing he went back to his nature roots, catching bugs and butterflies.
The younger ones had wishes for new clothes and so they went off to the community lot.
Did I mention that Jane is a ROMANCE sim?! eek, didn't know that. :D She got a wish fulfilled anyway- heh.
Beatrice came back in the workout gear she went in, but kept her original outfit, the others got new looks, I decided to keep Jane in red. It's spring/summer so they have appropriate attire. They also bought jewellery and played games/chatted with friends according to wishes at the lot.
On Sunday the twins threw a joint wedding party. Their grandma Isabella and all their cousins and friends came.
There are Romeo and plantsim Mercutio still smustling... Bottom could have made the effort to wear a dress I think?
Beatrice and Keith snuck off to get started on those family wishes, heh.
Here's Jane and Benedick in their wedding snapshot,
and Beatrice and Keith.
I wonder what the next round has in store for them?
Antonio had lots of nature wishes daily- to go hiking, blog, catch bugs. He also wanted to talk to Miranda, then when she came over- appreciate, tell joke, play with etc, no romantic type wishes though. He served food daily, liked a gossip, played the piano, learnt Fire safety and earned 100K this week.
Beatrice- wished to make friend/best friend, sneak out (didn't work- every time I tried she snuck out but never came back, lol (must've been having too much fun) so I had to give up), talk to Bottom, go steady with Keith, blog about her hobby and increase her creativity skill. Keith Cormier moved into the house with 13K, he's a Family sim too and wants to reach the top of the Education career.  They both had get engaged/throw wedding party/get married wishes.
Benedick- Benedick wanted to skill a lot too, also to make pancakes, buy stuff, talk to Bottom, get into private school, get engaged to Jane, then married. He was the most boring if you like in that nothing much new rolled around.
Looking forward to the next round with them and married life!

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  1. hahaha My Benedick has turned out to be a gas...a total party animal. Also has it with a couple of the girls in town....he is a guy always on the move. How interesting is this how he turned out in out in your game!!!

    Interesting to see how the twins got their intendeds. Keith Cormer, really??? heh I have never played him.

    Wow Antonio never spins up anything romantic in my game at all either. He led me on a couple of times, but no go! haha!