Saturday, 15 December 2012

Regan Capp- Round 3- House 6

Welcome back to Regan's house. Her and Cornwall have the urge to woohoo, and who am I to stop them?

Other initial wishes were for Regan to talk to Puck and Tybalt and have a baby.

Cornwall's wishes were to tell an inside joke to Albany, max logic skill, get a creativity skill as well as reaching the top of the Architecture career.

Today will be Regan's last ride in her helicopter to work as she (finally!) found the Athletic career and will start tomorrow. Cornwall is working toward his own LTW of becoming a City Planner and is doing well so far.

Well he was until a chance card got him demoted.
The citizens of Veronaville never pass up the opportunity for a night out and so Cornwall & Regan took their outing to the Game Hobby Lot. (Lots of chess wants from them both soon gained them entry to the lot).
Regan's eldest niece, Juliette Monty can't resist showing off to Cornwall about her morning sickness. He and Regan are still having no luck in the baby department.
Both need skills for promotions and as it's Regan's day off Cornwall decided to pull a sickie.
As well as getting skills they headed to their business to socialise and raise it up another level.
Despite not (yet) having any kids of her own Regan is very close to a lot of her nieces and nephews. Juno here is Regan's favourite nephew.
He's a terrible cheat at chess, but then so are most of the Capp family.
Her second eldest niece Hermia often stops by for dinner.
 Cornwall maxed Logic....

Followed his heart's desire to get himself in a good mood for work and the promotion he so badly wants...(and maybe make a baby?)

Only for his dreams to be shattered upon another chance card that LOST him his job.

"Take that you evil gnome!".

Poor Cornwall, he did sob for most of the day- he is now only 3 days from Elder and there is no Architecture career on the pc or in the newspaper today. His wife is not pregnant and life just isn't fair.... "Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!".

Regan tried to help her husband by checking the ads the next day and yes! Architecture was there for him. Whew. He's downgraded to start as a Draftsman but he doesn't care.

Regan had more success in her new career, she got a chance card that gave her some charisma skill points and one that gave her a sponsorship payout of 20K. She turned the spare room into a home gym.

Enjoying a spot of gardening before winter sets in and the fresh air may do them good!

Cornwall celebrated his birthday after another attempt at fatherhood. Hmm, those munchies have got to him- the fridge is bare.

He went to Stratford Strip where he suddenly had the urge to make friends, chat, buy jewellery and clothing and generally be a nice guy. Better late than never eh?

Back from his trip and he made best friends with Isabella Monty (who is being elixired until she completes her LTW of raising 20 kitties).

A home break-in was foiled by Officer Centowski.
and with only 5 days now until Regan turns elder, it's fair to say that having babies is definitely not to be.
Wow, well I am a bit gutted that they didn't get to be parents. They did woohoo every night. I even had them 'try for baby' once or twice. Risky must've broken eh? I suppose it makes the game more realistic somehow.
Regan- Got her business to rank 8- she only went the once this week as they both needed lots of skills for their jobs.
Regan's daily wishes were to play chess, play a pc game, talk about hobby, get skills and get promotions. I finally unlocked 'have a baby' on this last day. :(
Cornwall- Unfortunately he didn't have enough lifetime points to 'plead for his job'... he does now, lol. It can't happen twice eh?
He wished for pretty much the same as Regan- to play chess, skill, play marco polo, play pc. I've still got TOC locked for him. Being Fortune sims both had 'buy me this, buy me that' wants and so have a car, a few paintings and lots of things that were bought, stored and sold back the next day. Neither have spun up any wishes for workbenches though.
They both worked hard on friendships this week and both are at maximum influence level. I think now there is no possibility of offsping that at some point in the future one of Regan's favourite nephew's or niece's can move in. We'll see what happens.
Next we're off to visit Antonio Monty. 


  1. Wow you go from playing overstuffed houses to playing a lone couple. But what a nice rest. I think you are right, no babies for them. Funny in my game they are overloaded with kids. Bad bad Juliette for showing off her pregnancy! heh

    1. Yes, it does make a change to play a 'quiet' house after an overloaded one, you are quite right! It's odd how it didn't happen for them but it adds realism to the game. Regan is lucky she has so many niece's and nephew's!

  2. Aw, poor Regan. Glad she got into her chosen career field, at least. And Cornwall got back into his, under the wire. Whew! You could take the couple from the other house that you didn't want starting out on their own and move them in here, since this couple didn't have kids.

  3. It took a few times on my game to get Regan pregnant but it worked

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