Sunday, 2 December 2012

Goneril Capp- Round 3- House 5

Welcome back to round 3 at Goneril's household.

In residence and initial wishes,

Goneril wishes to earn money, see Bianca Monty be cured of plantsimism, become a plantsim herself and have Juno get into private school.

A very overheated (wtheck?) Albany also wants to see Bianca cured, play with Kent, see a wolf and have a relative get engaged.

Pleasure sim Hal wants to be bff's with Mallory, play with someone, date someone and talk about his hobby (Music & Dance).

Desi had an initial wish for college, to play with Bottom, sneak out with a friend and have a party.

Young Gregory wants to play with and be bff's with Snug Summerdream, meet someone new and get a skill.

Juno wants to be bf's with Adrian Monty, play with and win a game against him, and then entertain Adrian's sister Phoebe.

It's fair to say that this Capp family is friends with one Monty family, at least.

While Albany cooled off, Juno made his best friend.
Goneril hosted a successful Headmaster visit and got the last of her offspring into private education.
At this point I played the lot for another day, but noticed so many weird bugs- most particularly that the whole lot played very slowly- the timer wasn't moving as it should and also all friendships seem to have been lost/somehow broken up and so I packed up their belongings and moved them out. I then bulldozed the house and replaced it with a new one.
This is their new place. It's from the lots & houses bin and if you've ever played the boys Greek house at Sim State then you'll know it well. I tweaked it somewhat for this family and redecorated before moving them in.
Back in business as soon as I noticed the timer was fine again. Friendships are still broken but they are all on the phone a lot and often the kids bring friends home from school too.
Hal went on an outing with Isabella Monty and her friend Seth, Antonio and Benedick Monty, Mercutio Monty and yep, another Monty- new plantsim Bianca.
They went to the Music & Dance hobby lot where Hal is trying to reach his full potential and get in the zone.
He wanted to win a dancing competition.
Isabella Monty beat him.
It's party time- Hal, Gregory and Goneril all had wishes for a party.

 Gregory turned teen- he rolled Fortune- LTW to become a Space Pirate (yay- something new). Initial wishes were for college, earn money, win scholarships and buy cellphone.

Hal became an adult at the party. As a pleasure sim he showed no college wants and is happiest persuing his musical wishes- playing piano/guitar, dancing and having parties.
He was in the Dance career as a teen and is staying in the career until he finds the Slacker path- his LTW related career.

It was a great party- Hal and Gregory got good birthday party memories and Goneril got a good party memory.

Albany is the Hand of Poseidon and on his days off worked hard on his new garden getting Gold and also maxed his skills with his final charisma point (on the execuputter career reward that his wife brought home).

Desi had grown up also and what a pretty sim she turned out to be. I thought the bunches had to go now she's a grown up. Her initial college wish rolled away and she stayed in the medical field until her LTW related career, Gamer, came up.

Hal was out brushing leaves one night when he got zapped by lightning.

He's quite mischievous and loves to pull pranks on Antonio. I think he overdid it a bit because Antonio later came and kicked the trash over- he's furious with Hal at the moment.

Goneril joined her aged husband in elderhood.

Finally Albany can achieve his LTW of celebrating his Golden Anniversary! He's been permanent platinum (as are the rest of his family) for some while, but it's nice to get the memory.

They may not be the most handsome couple in Veronaville, but they are fun to play.

 Goneril hadn't been slacking either. She'd got a Gold badge in Toymaking and was now working on a sewing badge- she reached the zone in Arts & Crafts and earned her LTW of earning 100K here as her daily pay came in on her day off.

Looks like it's time for another celebration!
Juno is a teen, and how fitting that he grew up in a sweater- it is winter now!
He rolled Knowledge- LTW to max his skills.
Initial wishes are for college, to earn the extraterrestrial scholarship and to skill.
Another great party- looks like it was Albany who threw this one. He loves his family get together's.
Albany learnt Fire Safety, Juno is working on a skill and Gregory is applying for scholarships- he is ready for college!
Everyone stops what they are doing to see Gregory off. He got his skill scholarships, school, work and dance ones.
He became the 6th sim at his sister Ariel's new dorm and is probably wondering what he's let himself in for!
Given that the family are in perma plat it's much easier playing them, lol. It's not always easy to get their wishes in but I try as many as I can and get lots of good ones roll around. Of course this is only a small selection of what went on- but I figured 100 photo's was a tad much, :D
Goneril- wanted her toymaking/sewing badges, also wanted to hire a maid, blog, sew project, get Juno in private school, talk about her hobby and throw parties.
Albany- See wolf, buy clothes, learn fire safety, skill, get garden badges, play with sims. When I'm not controlling him he can be found kissing Goneril 'up the arm' and gossiping.
Hal & Desi (Desdemona). I'm still not sure what to do with these two- Hal is in the zone in Music- he plays piano/guitar, dances and likes to skill occasionally as well as having outings.
Desdemona is all about skilling (a secret Knowledge sim I think)- she also can be found playing the guitar and piano even though her one true hobby is Science.
Gregory- once a teenager was all about college and so it didn't take me long to decide to send him- he had all his skills anyway. As a child he particularly enjoyed Tormenting his brother Juno. ;)
Juno- Skilled a lot as a kid- enjoyed jumping rope- hates playing chess- he and Gregory would cheat all the time when they played together.  Is now skilling hard to get scholarships for college.
I said I didn't know what to do with Hal & Desi- I don't particularly want loads of offshoot homes. I'll think of something, :D
Next house we're off to is Goneril's sister Regan's!


  1. Wow look at that elder Goneril! heh Hey I don't blame you, don't want a thousand off shoot houses. That Gregory looks alot like his mom. Nice looking dorm room, yay for Ariel. Hal seems pretty much the fun loving party guy like he is in my game. Juno isn't bad looking, looks like his dad.

    1. Juno definitely looks a lot like his daddy and Gregory looks very much like his mom :) and Ariel's dorm is awesome LOL ;)

  2. I like Juno's fabulous hair he grew up with. LOL! Ariel's dorm looks like a fun, fantastical place to be! Cute backyard garden with the foodbridge, too.