Sunday, 30 December 2012

Uni update & Round 3 score.

Newly changed Fortune sim Bottom (after a hectic few years as a Romance sim) is the first to get into the Secret Society.

It turned out that she knew an awful lot of members, especially the boys- heh. She gave them all Tiger masks so that future sims can tell them apart from the rest.

Ariel Capp found that her and Demetrius Summerdream (a fellow Pleasure sim) had a 3 bolt attraction and it wasn't long before they were dating regularly.

Demetrius' twin brother Lysander was still in love with Mallory Mace- that troublemaking teen who always snuck out with the home 'hood teens and got them busted. She's a ROMANCE sim, heh, that might explain it. She seems to harbour a desire for Fortune though as she often spun up those wishes to buy things, earn creativity points and sell masterpieces and so at the end of her Sophomore year she changed to Fortune.

Gregory Capp is the last sim in the dorm and is all about working for skills, money and making contacts. Poor Mallory must have been up too late and fell asleep in her spaghetti.

Once a member at the SS Gregory decided to modify his facial structure-

He was very pleased with the results!
They spent their time skilling and chilling.
Not all members of the SS get on- here two of Bottom's former lovers are always fighting.
So far just Mallory and Demetrius are yet to join the club.

Bottom has graduated with a 4.0 in Drama. She is currently at the Dorm using her remaining hours until she goes back to the 'hood.
Ariel is a Senior with 2 semesters to go.
Mallory, Lysander & Demetrius are all Juniors and Gregory is a Sophomore.
Wishes for each varied with skilling, hobby related wishes, dancing - a lot (smustling and dancing with other sims are the most popular here). Next round I hope to get a bit more done with badges- something I have been seriously lacking this round. :)
You can check the intro/stats page here to see the round scores and a current pic of the 'hood.
Off to Pleasantview for Round 7! See you back here after and happy simming.  

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  1. OOoohh what a great idea.......mark the SS members so they are easily recognizable. I know them like the back of my hand for Sim State from playing Prosperity Falls, but I have no clue who they are for the other two Uni hoods. Will keep this in mind, STEAL. lol