Sunday, 30 December 2012

Isabella Monty- Round 3- House 8

Welcome to Isabella's new home. Last round she moved as she wishes to raise 20 kitties as her LTW and the Monty Ranch needed the free space for Juliette to get her 6 kids, :D

Last time Isabella's friend and ex-repairman Seth moved in, after a few tweaks of turn on/off's they got a couple of bolts and Isabella wasted no time in getting married as per her wishes. She's a Family sim, after all.

The party went very well and it looks like most of her grandkids haven't yet changed out of their wedding outfits, :D

Seth and Isabella enjoyed using their influence during the party to have other sims talk to/entertain and play pranks on one another.

Isabella is shedding a tear as her latest newly grown up kitty goes off to be re-homed.

Her two original cats, Star and Stripe are happy to continue making kitties though.

Isabella has some fun training them up. They've both hit the top of one career and are working on another.

Seth got an Elder job in Medicine and that also helps the family funds. Isabella has her pension as well as the cats' jobs bringing money in.

Isabella had several wishes this week to invite Sims over and what better way to get to know all her grandkids than this?

She's in the kitchen of course making her famous Baked Alaska.
Romeo will always be her favourite grandson but she has made good friendships with Bianca's teens this week as well.
Another hearty sip of elixir keeps Isabella 3 days younger, :)
As the week draws to a close Isabella's latest batch of kitties are destined for adoption.
Seth is happy skilling when not helping out with family or kitty matters.
See you next round!
Isabella- This round Isabella saw 4 new kitties arrive. She's halfway to her LTW as she's now raised 10. Isabella also wished to command and praise her cats, as well as them learning new tricks. She had wishes to gain skills, tell jokes, invite people over and serve food as well as marrying Seth, of course. :)
Seth- A Knowledge sim with a LTW to max his skills. Nice and easy to please, :) Mainly wished to skill, also wanted a job, to get fit, invite sim over and buy clothes as well as stargaze.
They are a happy family to play. :)
Next up a Uni and final roundup score!

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  1. Woot! Isabella is actually going to raise the kitties herself, rather than adopting/raising. Good for her and Seth, and the fact that she wants to be a good grandma!